So I have been meaning to get my 2nd book into the Amazon Kindle Store.

It has been on my todo list for weeks.

I just checked my sales numbers for my first kindle book “17 Secret ADD Vitamins” and to my surprise I am ranked #13 in the Alternative Medicine category!

So this prompted me to get off my tail and work on formatting another one of my ADHD books for the kindle.

I totally forgot how I did it the first time.

I remember spending a few days reading conflicting articles on how to get it done before I settled on an easy mac workflow.

So I am going to post the basic steps here (without too much detail).

I wanted to create the most streamlined way to get an existing book onto the amazon kindle store.

Here is is 🙂

1. Download the Apple eBook Pages Template

2. Copy and paste text from your book below the boilerplate stuff in the template.  (Make it plain text first to avoid weird formatting issues)  This allows you to see how the elements should be used as you go along.

3. Format.  Highlight each element and apply the style from the styles drop down in the upper left…

*Additional gotchas (make sure images are fairly small and set them to inline and no wrapping)

4. export as “.doc”

5. Get Jutoh Here

6. Get Kindle Gen Here

Get Kindle Previewer Here

7. Set kindle gen path in jutoh preferences / helpers

8. Import your .doc from main screen

9. Set page breaks etc. inside jutoh

10. choose “mobipocket” in the configuration tab

11. click compile

12. open .mobi file in kindle previewer to make sure everything is good

13. Upload to

Hope this helps.  I realize this is a general overview, but I wich I had this the first time lol!

Now onto figuring out submission to Apple iBookstore.