How to easily publish a book to the Apple iBook store.

This process is actually much easier than the kindle process explained in my other post (especially if you are on a mac)

1.  You have to have a different apple ID.  Then apply for an iTunes Connect Account

2. Once approved fill out all the legam mumbo jumbo stuff

3. Download iTunes Producer

4. Download the latest Pages Template that they provide.

5.  Follow the helpful videos on how to use Pages to format your book for .epub format

6. Follow the video on using the iTunes Producer

7.  Unlike Amazon Kindle, iBooks requires that you have an ISBN.  Don’t worry.  I found an ISBN source that will generate a legit ISBN for only $5

8. Follow the prompts in the iTunes Producer Section.

9. Done

I am a little nervous that there is no “iBooks Previewer” software equivalent to the Kindle previewer to check how it will ultimately look in iBooks.

We shall see 🙂