I work with a ton of music both for personal enjoyment and professionally.

I collect tons of track from my DJ connections.

Although I have 2 – 256 GB SSD drives in my main macbook pro rig…

Space is always a concern.

Before iTunes Match, my music library was around 110 GB.

iTunes Match has liberated nearly all 110 GB and I still have instant access to any track.

How I set it up.

1. I ran the iTunes Match setup to get all my tracks into the cloud.

2. I have an old mac mini with several external drives connected.  It functions as a media server.

I copied the entire library from my mbp (macbook pro) to the Drobo that is connected to the mac mini

3. I set up the iTunes to access the library on the Drobo

4. I ran iTunes Match from the mini (to be sure everything was synced)

5. I deleted all the tracks from my mbp. (this was the scariest part)

6. I installed Dropbox on the mac mini

7. I created a folder in my dropbox call “Add to iTunes Server”

8. I use the app Hazel on the mini to move files from “Add to iTunes Server” to the folder inside my iTunes library called “Automatically Add to iTunes”


*now as I am collecting music on my mbp all I have to do is

  • drop the tracks into my “Add to iTunes Server”
  • they get slurped into dropbox
  • hazel moves them into iTunes
  • iTunes puts them in the cloud via iTunes Match.

and minutes later…

I have access from my mbp that is taking NO hard drive space.

This is a beautiful thing.

I have now freed up a ton of hard disk space.

I am preparing for the day when macbook pro’s get cannibalized by the macbook air line (and hard drive space is a premium)

Now if I could figure out what to do with my massive aperture pic and video library.

I am currently testing an app call “MemoryCloud” which is a really cool concept.

It allows you to put all your images and videos in the cloud, but leaves a “smaller optimized” file locally.

You can retrieve the original at any time.

The only problem for me is that it crashes everytime I try to use it.

The dev said he is working on it so I am hopeful this concept can work.