Spot On

A new iOS app recently released that does something amazing.

It utilizes the Spotify api to access spotify.

You need a spotify account for it to work (if you love music you should have one anyway).

It creates a radio station based on any artist. (it also automatically populates your channels with your favorite spotify artists)

This is where it gets cool.

You can thumbs down or up the currently playing song.

Then the app uses the echonest music technology to adapt to you listening habits.

Here is why I am ditching Pandora for this…

1.  I can save any track I like to any one of my Spotify playlists.  I used to use Pandora for new music discovery and then “bookmark” them for later listening.

Now all the tracks I love are saved neatly into spotify playlists!

2. I can scrub forward into any song as it is playing

3. There is no limits to the number of “skips”

This is definitely a pandora killer.

It is free right now, but will likely be $4.99 soon.