iTunes Match with Dropbox Hazel Workflow

I work with a ton of music both for personal enjoyment and professionally.

I collect tons of track from my DJ connections.

Although I have 2 – 256 GB SSD drives in my main macbook pro rig…

Space is always a concern.

Before iTunes Match, my music library was around 110 GB.

iTunes Match has liberated nearly all 110 GB and I still have instant access to any track.

How I set it up.

1. I ran the iTunes Match setup to get all my tracks into the cloud.

2. I have an old mac mini with several external drives connected.  It functions as a media server.

I copied the entire library from my mbp (macbook pro) to the Drobo that is connected to the mac mini

3. I set up the iTunes to access the library on the Drobo

4. I ran iTunes Match from the mini (to be sure everything was synced)

5. I deleted all the tracks from my mbp. (this was the scariest part)

6. I installed Dropbox on the mac mini

7. I created a folder in my dropbox call “Add to iTunes Server”

8. I use the app Hazel on the mini to move files from “Add to iTunes Server” to the folder inside my iTunes library called “Automatically Add to iTunes”


*now as I am collecting music on my mbp all I have to do is

  • drop the tracks into my “Add to iTunes Server”
  • they get slurped into dropbox
  • hazel moves them into iTunes
  • iTunes puts them in the cloud via iTunes Match.

and minutes later…

I have access from my mbp that is taking NO hard drive space.

This is a beautiful thing.

I have now freed up a ton of hard disk space.

I am preparing for the day when macbook pro’s get cannibalized by the macbook air line (and hard drive space is a premium)

Now if I could figure out what to do with my massive aperture pic and video library.

I am currently testing an app call “MemoryCloud” which is a really cool concept.

It allows you to put all your images and videos in the cloud, but leaves a “smaller optimized” file locally.

You can retrieve the original at any time.

The only problem for me is that it crashes everytime I try to use it.

The dev said he is working on it so I am hopeful this concept can work.

5 Responses to iTunes Match with Dropbox Hazel Workflow

  1. Ricks January 3, 2012 at 3:57 am #

    Good idea, I’ve never played with DropBox. I am looking to free up little space on my Mac but not sure how to do it as i dont want to delete anything. But now I know how to do this without even deleting any data.Thanks a lot!!! :)

  2. Cecil Knopp January 3, 2012 at 4:05 am #

    I think the product name is confusing. iTunes in the Cloud is also a confusing name for a product, but just going by the names, I think iTunes in the Cloud is a better name for this than iTunes Match. Either way, its a great idea for a product, but Apple’s marketing didn’t hit it’s usual home run here.

    • Craig Alexander January 3, 2012 at 4:06 am #

      You misunderstand, “iTunes in the Cloud” is what iTunes is right now, for all and for free. It keeps all the music you purchased from the iTunes Store and makes it available to all your iTunes compatible devices (Mac, PC, iDevices, Apple TV).

  3. Rickssekhon9 January 3, 2012 at 8:22 am #

    I guess I can now backup all of my files to Dropbox and iCloud for free. Great!

  4. Krish January 4, 2012 at 4:22 am #

    I have not had time yet to check out iCloud, but i have lost so many iTunes libraries on my crashed PC over the years it isn’t even funny. It is really nice to have access to all our purchased songs for re-download now. I bet that when I start combing through the iCloud-s I’m going to find a bunch of songs we own that we don’t have on any computer here.

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