Amazon Kindle Formatting on Mac

So I have been meaning to get my 2nd book into the Amazon Kindle Store. It has been on my todo list for weeks. I just checked my sales numbers for my first kindle book “17 Secret ADD Vitamins” and to my surprise I am ranked #13 in the Alternative Medicine category! So this prompted […]

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Chrome finally adds trackpad gestures for lion

I have been using using safari since lion came out because it is the only browser that supports swiping for back and forth. It may sound dumb, but once you swipe a couple of times to go back and forward, you will not want to go back to keyboard shortcuts or clicking the back button. […]

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Dictating into Elements with Siri

Have you tried dictating with Siri yet? To me, this is now a killer text workflow. I fire up Elements on my iPhone 4s… Hit the microphone icon on the keyboard. Begin dictating just like I would on my Mac with dragon dictate. Saying things like “comma” and “new paragraph” functions just as expected. I […]

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